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Train the Trainer Certification Training Course


About The Course

Course Description

In these upbeat and fast-paced times, the challenging quotients, and quick-to-act markets, your need to live up and meet the competition in the eye is real! In the midst of the activities that have accelerated the industrial revolution transferring over to the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the one constant function and industry has been that of Training and Development. ‘Learning’ is that perennial activity that fuels engines forward in every single institution.

Thus, we at Phoenix Center for Policy, Research and Training have invested a great deal of research and development using our own resources, to stand out as an exceptional training solutions provider. Our facilitators and dynamic instructors not only teach the best courses in diverse languages, across varied platforms but also set a unique and effective example of exemplary facilitation while doing so!

Against this solid background of professionalism, experience, and verifiable credibility, Phoenix Center for Policy, Research and Training presents their ‘Train the Trainer Certification Training Course’. What is a Train the Trainer Certification? This intricately designed eight module training programme allows each participant – (whether aspiring trainer or experienced training executive), to step into a space of relevance, excitement, and curiosity. There are a vast number of modern training topics, tools and techniques that are covered comprehensively in this course keeping the needs of our participants in mind.

This training course will therefore empower you to transform your present abilities from a seemingly mediocre level to one of ‘exceptional and recommendable’ finesse. How do I become a Trainer? Through this certification course, you will discover advanced behavioural training techniques to help you to role-model ideal attitudes at your workplace. Your new skills will enable you to equip junior and budding managers in your department and your trainees to learn quickly from you and stay engaged with your line of training. You will acquire profit-making abilities as you continue to showcase your facilitation and presentation skills to your participants, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Course Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this Train the Trainer Certification Training Course, participants will be able to:

  • Achieve a high level of accomplishment as a training facilitator in both virtual and physical set-ups.
  • Provide real-time feedback on their choice of training tools and techniques based on their learning.
  • Impart each delegate with the most globally used tools in the current day and age to measure learning and employee performance.
  • Design and include the right activities for specific participant groups, based on TNA findings.
  • Rectify errors in present training models and to influence organizational adaptation to training positively.
  • Understand the pre-requisites of a learning needs intervention.
  • Utilize all accessible resources to develop performance tools within teams and organizations.
  • Identify stated and unstated gaps in learning and performance correctly and bridge them by noticing and using the most effective training module and methodology.
  • Comprehend the potential and reach that training can achieve for any organization.
  • Understand how e-learning, virtual platforms and other modern technology can be used to enhance every training interaction.

Training Methodology

Phoenix Center for Policy, Research and Training has developed this Train the Trainer Certification Training Course to be very practical, engaging concepts and best-practices in the industry. The course is designed to be highly collaborative, interactive, challenging and stimulating. It will be an instructor-led training and will be delivered using a balanced combination of lectures, presentations, and practical sessions, to ensure that participants gain end-to-end knowledge. It will also comprise of discussions, web-based tutorials, role plays, group work and exploration of relevant issues. The training course will teach the participants how to have greater influence and plan their own career development. They will also get an opportunity to cross-pollinate their ideas with other trainers and facilitators across the industry as well. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professionals and trainers in these fields. All facilitation and course materials will be offered in English.

Who Should Attend?

This Train the Trainer Certification Training Course is suitable for, but not limited to Learning and Development Managers in the Human Resources department, Functional Training Consultants, Organizational Learning Managers and Heads of Training Departments, Employee Development Executives, Learning Partner Consultants, Human Resource Executives, General Managers and Deputy-General Managers for the Training Department, Coaches, E-Learning Consultants and Learning Content Managers, Corporate Trainers and Facilitators, Training Managers and Senior Training Personnel and any other individual who aspires to be a Learning Facilitator



Module 1: Training Design Models

  • Introduction to globally recognized Training Models
  • Centralized Training Design Model
  • Functional Training Model
  • Kirkpatrick Training Model
  • Training Accountability through ROI
  • Knowledge Assessment and Feedback

Module 2: Identifying Learning Needs

  • Know your Audience.
  • Types of Learners
  • Define Training Objectives
  • Tools to Collect Data
  • Gain Stakeholder Approval
  • Building a Training Design Sketch

Module 3: Tools for Learning Analysis

  • Introduction to Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • TNA Models & TNA Technology
  • How to use the best TNI methodology?
  • What is the TNI checklist?
  • Case study and discussion

Module 4: Training Content

  • Importance of Relevant Training Content
  • Identifying the Best Learning Resources
  • What is an icebreaker?
  • Benefits of training energizers
  • Determining Training Duration
  • Training Approach Document
  • Practice Activities and Feedback

Module 5: Presentation Skills

  • Key Aspects of a good presenter
  • Positive Body Language
  • Negative Body Language
  • Making Verbiage Impactful
  • Participant assignment and Feedback

Module 6: Facilitating Learning in a Physical Environment

  • Planning the training Room Set-up
  • Creative Facilitating Ideas
  • Inbound and Outbound Training Benefits
  • Case-Study and Discussion
  • Assessments & Feedback

Module 7: Facilitating Learning in a Virtual Environment

  • Introduction to the Virtual Age
  • Mindset of a Virtual Facilitator
  • Understanding Virtual Training Benefits and Limitations
  • Tools to enhance Virtual Learning
  • Creating interactive Quizzes and Games
  • Projects and Practice

Module 8: Managing Challenges in Training

  • Defining the scope of training challenges
  • Identifying Difficult Participants
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Testing and Assessments
  • Summary & Close


Requirements: Participants should be reasonably proficient in English. Applicants must live up to Phoenix Center for Policy, Research and Training admission criteria.


  1. Discounts: Organizations sponsoring Four Participants will have the 5th attend Free
  2. What is catered for by the Course Fees: Fees cater for all requirements for the training – Learning materials, Lunches, Teas, Snacks and Certification. All participants will additionally cater for their travel and accommodation expenses, visa application, insurance, and other personal expenses.
  3. Certificate Awarded: Participants are awarded Certificates of Participation at the end of the training.
  4. The program content shown here is for guidance purposes only. Our continuous course improvement process may lead to changes in topics and course structure.
  5. Approval of Course: Our Programs are NITA Participating organizations can therefore claim reimbursement on fees paid in accordance with NITARules.

How to Book: Simply send an email to the Training Officer on and we will send you a registration form. We advise you to book early to avoid missing a seat for this training.

Or call us on +254720272325 / +254737566961

Payment Options: We provide 3 payment options, choose one for your convenience, and kindly make payments at least 5 days before the Training start date to reserve your seat:

  1. Groups of 5 People and Above – Cheque Payments to: Phoenix Center for Policy, Research and Training Limited should be paid in advance, 5 days to the training.
  2. Invoice: We can send a bill directly to you or your company.
  3. Deposit directly into Bank Account (Account details provided upon request)

Cancellation Policy

  1. Payment for all courses includes a registration fee, which is non-refundable, and equals 15% of the total sum of the course fee.
  2. Participants may cancel attendance 14 days or more prior to the training commencement date.
  3. No refunds will be made 14 days or less before the training commencement date. However, participants who are unable to attend may opt to attend a similar training course at a later date or send a substitute participant provided the participation criteria have been met.

Tailor Made Courses

This training course can also be customized for your institution upon request for a minimum of 5 participants. You can have it conducted at our Training Centre or at a convenient location.

For further inquiries, please contact us on Tel: +254720272325 / +254737566961 or Email

Accommodation: Accommodation is arranged upon request and at extra cost. For reservations contact the Training Officer on Email: or on Tel: +254720272325 / +254737566961

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