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About Us

About Us

Phoenix Center for Policy, Research & Training is a research, training and consultancy firm which specializes in research, project management, monitoring and evaluations, and assessment of public, private and non-profit sectors in the social development sector. The organization works in various sectors including health, education, agriculture, environment, governance, livelihoods, disaster and humanitarian response among others. At Phoenix Center for Policy, Research & Training, we seek to contribute to the realization of the SDGs and other development strategies by enabling the formulation of effective development policies and program interventions.

Phoenix Center for Policy, Research & Training was founded on the desire to transform the working environments and our primary objective is to provide long-term sustainable capacity building and development solutions for individual and organizational growth and transformation. Over the years we have developed a niche in research, training, contracting and consultancy and pride ourselves as the go-to organization when it comes to capacity building and capacity strengthening, evidenced based solutions based on research and careful analysis of data and sound policy formulation and implementation strategies.

Our Vision

At Phoenix Center for Policy, Research & Training, our vision is to become one of the most trusted and reliable research, training and consultancy enterprise by both public and private sector enterprises in Africa and beyond.

Our Mission

At Phoenix Center for Policy, Research & Training, our mission is to empower people and organizations alike through the provision of continuous training and development and optimally tailored solutions for their individual and organizational excellence needs and by being strategic partners to our clients.

Our Values